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The Kapala is an item in Spelunky 2.

It is awarded after reaching 16 favor at a Kali Altar. The Ghist Shopkeeper in the Dwelling may also have a Kapala within one of their three Presents.


Touching blood droplets dropped from damaging entities before they disappear fills the Kapala. Blood from any source is acceptable, aside from the user's own blood.

After collecting seven droplets, the user will receive one HP and the Kapala will empty, ready to be refilled.

The seven stages of blood accumulation the Kapala has. The 8th stage will give the player a heart and reset the Kapala to its first stage.

Blood Farming

There are numerous strategies used to gather large amounts of blood in a short amount of time in order to gain large amounts of HP.

See: Guides: Spelunky 2 Blood Farming

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