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The Jungle is the second area in the caves of Spelunky Classic and Spelunky HD, and returns in Spelunky 2 as one of two options for the second world, opposed to the Volcana. It is a lush, tropical environment littered with deadly flora and fauna.

Here, the player may discover The Black Market and obtain massive quantities of resources, most notably the Ankh or the Hedjet, depending on the game it is found in. Mantraps, Monkeys, Thorny Vines, and Witch Doctors are some of the many hazards found in the Jungle, all of which pose a serious threat to any aspiring treasure hunter.

The Jungle is composed of four levels, which can be accessed via an exit on level 1-4 of either The Mines or the Dwelling. In Spelunky 2, it is the left-most exit which will always lead to the Jungle. Level 2-4 of the Jungle leads to level 3-1 of either the Ice Caves, or Olmec's Lair, once again differing between its appearances.

For more specific information on the appearance and dangers of the Jungle in the Spelunky series, see the pages below.