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The Journal

Pages of the journal as they appear in-game

The Journal is a handy feature that appears in Spelunky HD.
It serves as a sort of encyclopedia that records all the Places, Monsters, Items, and Traps that the player comes across in the game, as well as keeping track of gameplay statistics, such as playthroughs and deaths.

The Spelunker finds the book when he first enters the Entrance Cave and discovers it belonged to Yang.

He reads about Yang's journey, which begins the interactive tutorial for the player as they take control of Yang for the duration of the three training levels.

After completing the tutorial, the Spelunker finds a key tucked into the last page and uses it to open the entrance to the Mines, beginning their own adventure.

During the game, the journal will automatically document all the places you visit, the monsters you kill (or are killed by), the items you find and the traps you fall victim to.

The journal can be viewed at any time by pressing the Back/Tab/Select/Touch Pad button, and shows the current level, money collected and time spent in the caves.


Related Achievements

  • "Seen a Lot" - Complete 50% of the journal. (Guide)
  • "Seen It All" - Complete 100% of the journal. (Guide)