The Journal, as it is found in the Entrance Cave in Spelunky 2.

The Journal is a handy feature that appears in Spelunky 2.

It serves as a sort of encyclopedia that records all the Places, Monsters, Items, and Traps that the player comes across in the game, as well as keeping track of gameplay statistics, such as playthroughs and deaths.

In the beginning of the game, Ana Spelunky finds the book when she first enters the Entrance Cave and discovers it belonged to her father Guy Spelunky.

Ana reads about Guy's journey and his adventures with his wife Tina Flan, as she progresses through the interactive tutorial room.

After completing the tutorial, Ana Spelunky finds a key tucked into the last page and uses it to open the entrance to Dwelling, beginning their own adventure just as Guy did after finding the very same journal left behind by Yang.

During the game, the journal will automatically document all the places you visit, the monsters you kill (or are killed by), the items you find and the traps you fall victim to or encounter.

The journal can be viewed at any time by pressing the Back/Tab/Select/Touch Pad button, and shows the current level, money collected and time spent in the caves.



  1. Ana Spelunky
  2. Margaret Tunnel
  3. Colin Northward
  4. Roffy D. Sloth
  5. Alto Singh
  6. Liz Mutton
  7. Nekka the Eagle
  8. LISE Project
  9. Coco Von Diamonds
  10. Manfred Tunnel
  11. Little Jay
  12. Tina Flan
  13. Valerie Crump
  14. Au
  15. Demi Von Diamonds
  16. Pilot
  17. Princess Airyn
  18. Dirk Yamaoka
  19. Guy Spelunky
  20. Classic Guy
  21. Terra Tunnel
  22. Hired Hand
  23. Eggplant Child
  24. Shopkeeper
  25. Tun
  26. Yang
  27. Madame Tusk
  28. Tusk's Bodyguard
  29. Waddler
  30. Caveman Shopkeeper
  31. Ghist Shopkeeper
  32. Van Horsing
  33. Parsley
  34. Parsnip
  35. Parmesan
  36. Sparrow
  37. Beg
  38. Eggplant King
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