Jiangshi Assassins are common enemies found in the Tide Pool and Abzu in Spelunky 2. They are a more advanced version of the Jiangshi.


Like normal Jiangshi, Jiangshi Assassins jump towards the player with jumps of varying height and distance. However, they are also able to switch their own gravity to stand on ceilings.

Jiangshi Assassins will use this ability to drop down onto spelunkers below akin to Spiders, or ascend upward and surprise their target from below.

Note that Jiangshi Assassins are not able to flip gravity while they are performing their jump.

Incredibly rarely, Jiangshi Assassins can drop Spring Shoes and Spike Shoes


  • The most dangerous ability the Jiangshi has is it's ability to briefly falter the player for roughly a second after they are hit. Players over dangerous hazards such as pits of spikes or the lava lake in 4-3 risk being hit by Jiangshi Assassins and knocked into the instant death below if they do not dispatch of them properly.
  • With only 1 HP, Jiangshi Assassins are easily killed with a thrown item or well-timed whip, and it is best to do so if given a good opportunity as they can traverse the caves quite well to come back and bite you.
  • A Freeze Ray is also effective against Jiangshi Assassins, as it can cause them to fall down from the ceiling and shatter into pieces.
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