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Jiangshi are an enemy in Spelunky 2.

They are commonly found in Tide Pool and around the bigroom in levels with the "The dead are restless..." Level Feeling. They may also be spawned if a player angers Kali by destroying part of one of her Altars.

A more dangerous variant of the Jiangshi exists in the form of the Jiangshi Assassin.


Jiangshi hop in the direction of the spelunker as they approach.These leaps may occasionally be much farther and faster than their usual short hops, in order to catch the spelunker off guard.

Jiangshi only have 1 HP, deal 1 damage on contact, and die to the flash of a Camera.

There is a chance of around 1/1000 that a Jiangshi can drop Spring Shoes (2) on death.


  • Originating in Chinese folklore, Jiāng Shī (僵尸, meaning zombie in Chinese) are the restless corpses of people who've died far from home. Due to rigor mortis they are unable to walk and must instead hop their way back to their hometowns to be buried. They're often depicted in the robes and caps of Qing Dynasty court officials.
  • Jiangshi are no strangers to video games; they've previously appeared in Darkstalkers, Super Mario Land, Phantom Fighter, and Touhou 13: Ten Desires among others.
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