Jiang Shi are weak enemies that appear in Restless Dead Levels, and are standard enemies in Hell

They hop slowly toward the player, but may be unpredictable in their movements.


Jiang Shi are not really threatening enemies. They move slowly and their only means of attack is to awkwardly shamble toward you. This makes them excellent cushions for preventing fall damage.

They may sometimes be unpredictable, however. Jiang Shi may suddenly leap much farther and faster than their usual short hops, potentially catching the player off-guard.

When killed, they drop a skull, which usually shatters when it hits the ground. If other enemies are close enough, such as other Jiang Shi, it may hit them instead.

In any case, Jiang Shi are only really dangerous in difficult terrain or when distracted by more dangerous enemies such as Vampires.


  • Originating in Chinese folklore, Jiāng Shī (僵尸, which means zombie in Chinese) are the restless corpses of people who've died far from home. Due to rigor mortis they are unable to walk and must instead hop their way back to their hometowns to be buried. They're often depicted in the robes and caps of Qing Dynasty court officials.
  • Jiang Shi are no strangers to video games; they've previously appeared in Darkstalkers, Super Mario Land, Phantom Fighter, and Touhou 13: Ten Desires among others.
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