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Jetpacks are powerful Backpacks in Spelunky 2.

It is rarely found for sale in a Specialty Shop, as either a regular purchase or inside a Present, and has a 0.2% (1 in 500) chance of dropping from Crates. Like other items, it may also be found buried in random walls, visible only with Spectacles or the Udjat Eye.

A Jetpack is also a guaranteed drop from Anubis II, making the Duat the only location in the game with a guaranteed Jetpack.


  • Pressing the jump button mid-air causes an upward thrust.
  • Jetpacks have limited fuel, and run out if used for too long.
    • Jetpacks fully replenishes their fuel if its user's feet touch the ground.
      • Stomping on an entity or grabbing a ledge, rope, climbable object, or wall with Climbing Gloves does not recharge jetpack fuel.
    • The user can see and hear the amount of fuel left in a Jetpack by observing the size of the flames it produces and listening to the crecendoing noise it makes the longer it is used. A loud "topped off" noise plays once the Jetpack runs out of fuel.

  • Explodes if it or its user is ignited in any fashion.
    • A Jetpack's explosion deals 10 explosion damage and 1 fire damage.
    • If a Jetpack is not equipped, it can also be destroyed from an Arrow or Shotgun hitting it.


  • The user should be mindful of any fire-based hazard, as one slip-up may cause their jetpack to detonate. Even if the player manages to survive its explosion, they will no longer have the luxury of the mobility it provides.
    • Volcana has many fire related hazards, which may encourage the user to visit Jungle instead.
    • Neo Babylon requires patience and foresight in order to avoid exploding, as being hit once by a Spark Trap, explosion, or lit corpse will destroy the Jetpack.
  • While flying with a single continuous boost produces the quickest acceleration, boosting in short 'hops' will allow one to fly for longer and father before running out of fuel.
  • Qilin skips are most easily done with the Jetpack. One particular skip allows the player to go up the middle of the Forcefield chamber in Tiamat's Throne using the Jetpack and Rope.
  • Activating a Jetpack will cancel out any vertical momentum that the user once had. Although this is most commonly used to avoid taking fall damage, this can also be used to cancel out the sudden upwards velocity caused by Spring Traps to help the spelunker avoid being launched into a dangerous situation, such as into ceiling Spikes.
  • See also: Vlad's Cape Link S2.png Vlad's Cape, a commonly compared item.
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