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Items are the various objects of interest that the Spelunker can collect and use around the dungeon as they explore.

Item Properties[]

Items in Spelunky have various attributes and properties.

  • Type: All items fit into one of five categories:
  • Function: What the item does or is used for.
  • Source: Where the item can be found.
  • Cost: The money that must be paid to purchase the item from a shop. Not all items are sold in shops.
  • Damage: Some items can be used to deal damage to enemies, even if it is not their primary function. The quantity of damage (and method of delivery) varies depending on the type of item in question.
  • Weight: Throwable objects have different weights that affect how far they can be thrown. Light items travel much farther and straighter than heavy items.
  • Notes: Some objects have miscellaneous or unique properties.

List of Items[]

This page lists all items in Spelunky HD.

Rope Pile HD
Bomb Bag HD
Bomb Box HD
Spectacles HD
Climbing Gloves HD
Pitcher's Mitt HD
Spring Shoes HD
Spike Shoes HD
Paste HD
Compass HD
Mattock HD
Boomerang HD
Machete HD
Crysknife HD
Web Gun HD
Shotgun HD
Freeze Ray HD
Plasma Cannon HD
Camera HD
Teleporter HD
Parachute HD
Cape HD
Jetpack HD
Shield HD
Royal Jelly HD
Idol HD
Kapala HD
Udjat Eye HD
Ankh HD
Hedjet HD
Sceptre HD
Book of the Dead HD
Vlad's Cape HD
Vlad's Amulet HD

No Journal Entry:[]

Crystal Skull HD
Crate HD
Chest HD
Locked Chest HD
Gold Key HD
Rock HD
Pot HD
Torch HD
Skull HD
Piranha Skeleton HD
Mattock Head HD
Arrow HD
Punish Ball HD
Mystery Box 1 HD
Eggplant HD