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Imps are enemies in Spelunky 2.


The Magma Pot that Imps hold. The shape of King Yama's face is on the front.

Imps start out carrying a magma pot, flying left and right on a horizontal line. When a spelunker gets under one, they drop their magma pot in an attempt to hit them with it. Once relieved of their pot, they will fly towards the spelunkerwith the same behavior as a Bat.

The dropped magma pot spawns Magmar if damaged. Imps will drop the pot from their hands over the spelunker's head as soon as the pot appears on screen, meaning that they can catch quickly ascending spelunkers by surprise.

Like most other flying and undead enemies, imps will die upon having their picture taken by the Camera.

Despite what a player may assume, Imps are not resistant to fire based attacks. This includes the Magmar that comes from its pot.

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