The imp is a flying creature that returns from spelunky. However, instead of appearing at end of the game in Hell as in Spelunk HD, they are are found in Volcana.


Imps will start out carrying a couldron of lava, and will fly left and right until they hit a wall that blocks either them or their cauldron. If the player goes underneath them, they will drop their couldron onto the player, and pursue them directly, moving diagonally similar to a bat, however they are not any faster.

Their cauldron will spawn a Lavaman, once it hits something, wether it be the ground, a drop tile, or another enemy. The couldron needs to drop atleast 1 block to break open. If it does not open, the player can pick it up. the same rules regarding its breakage still apply. This can be especially useful for cooking turkeys.

Like most other flying and undead enemies, they will die upon being flashed by the camera.

The Imp is a rather weak enemy found in Hell that will fly in a horizontal line while carrying a lava bucket. They will drop it if the Spelunker passes underneath them, releasing a Magma Man as it breaks. Imps will also act as a Bat once they drop the bucket.

If an Imp is killed before it drops its lava bucket and the bucket doesn't fall more than two tiles, then the lava bucket can be picked up and carried.

Much like other undead enemies, Imps can be killed in one hit by the Camera. Though, unlike most undead enemies, they drop blood when killed.

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