Imps are flying creatures returning from Spelunky HD's Hell. In Spelunky 2, these enemies have relocated to Volcana.


Imps will start out carrying a magma pot, flying left and right on a horizontal line. When a Spelunker gets under one, they will drop their magma pot in an attempt to hit the player with it. Once relieved of their pot, they will fly towards the player with the same behavior as a Bat.

The dropped magma pot will spawn a Magmar if attacked, thrown, or dropped for more than 1 tile.

The Magma Pot that Imps hold. The shape of King Yama's face is on the front.

Like most other flying and undead enemies, imps will die upon having their picture taken by the Camera.

Despite what a player may assume, Imps are not resistant to fire based attacks. This includes the Magmar that comes from its pot.


  • Whipping the Magma Pot out of the Imp's hands will not only release the Magmar, but kill the Imp as well.
  • Note that Imps will drop the pot from their hands over the player's head as soon as the pot appears on screen, meaning that they can catch quickly ascending players by surprise.
    • This is especially dangerous in the Cosmic Ocean, where a surprise pot may send the player plummeting to their doom.
  • The Magma Pot can be taken between levels if it is dropped without being broken. Players can use this as an opportunity to rob a shopkeeper without aggravating them by releasing the Magmar from the pot without whipping the Magmar itself.
    • You must do this within close proximity, as the shopkeeper will need to die for this to be successful. You can try and find another pot or hope a friend brought one if your first one fails to finish him off.
    • Because Magmars will blow up explosive items, it is recommended to move them up if the shop has a second floor. If the player does not wish to do so, the explosives can be used to kill the shopkeeper more quickly.

The Imp is a rather weak enemy found in Hell that will fly in a horizontal line while carrying a lava bucket. They will drop it if the Spelunker passes underneath them, releasing a Magma Man as it breaks. Imps will also act as a Bat once they drop the bucket.

If an Imp is killed before it drops its lava bucket and the bucket doesn't fall more than two tiles, then the lava bucket can be picked up and carried.

Much like other undead enemies, Imps can be killed in one hit by the Camera. Though, unlike most undead enemies, they drop blood when killed.

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