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Golden Idols are a type of treasure present in all areas of the caves that appear as giant grimacing faces made out of solid gold. They are extremely valuable, but are almost always guarded by elaborate traps that make them risky to snatch.

Some particularly elaborate traps will activate on hair-trigger notice, as even a slight nudge moving the idol to the side can activate them.

Unlike other treasures, the player does not get the Idol's monetary value immediately upon touching it — it must be picked up and carried to the level exit, or sold to a Shop by setting it down inside.

Idols can also be sacrificed to Kali by placing them upon an Altar. While this will not immediately reward the player with any money, it will spawn a Golden Monkey which can potentially earn more money than the idol was originally worth.

There exists a special, more valuable variant of the Golden Idol, known as The Tusk Idol.

Types of Idol Traps

Giant Log Trap

In the Dwelling, Idols that pay out for $5000 can be found under a giant log carved and hung up by Quillback to defend his treasure. As long as the player is able to get out of the way of the Log Trap immediately after picking up the Idol, the player will return unharmed with the idol in hand.

There are three variants of this trap; standard Log Traps and ones with either Push Blocks or Bone Blocks on the sides of where the Idol sits.

Spear Traps

Guide showing the two most common paths to the Idol.

In the Jungle, a player can find a Golden Idol worth a significant $10,000 in a dangerous chunk containing Thorny Vines and Spear Traps.

Although confusing and intimidating to collect at first, Jungle Idol traps have a specific path to take to collect the Idol. With either Spring Shoes or Spike Shoes, the player can take a much simpler path, as either shoes allow the player to stand on Thorny Vines. The recommended paths are elaborated in the above image.

It is highly recommended that one obtains as many Idols as they can in The Jungle if they intend to legally obtain large quantities of items in the Black Market.

Lava Trap

An Idol Trap in Volcana. Just like the Log Trap, simply pick the idol up and start running for the hills.

In Volcana, Idols worth $10,000 can be found just under a pool of lava. If moved, two Powder Boxes will detonate, causing lava to fall onto where the Idol was.

Although one of the easier Idol traps to beat, a player should plan their moves carefully after the Idol is taken, as the lava can spread into locations that the player does not want it to be, such as in the way of loot or even blocking the path to the exit door. Luckily, even one block in the way is enough to stop the lava, but Conveyors may complicate the situation further.

In unfortunate and unusual situations, an item may be hidden within the surrounding area (such as a Powerpack or Pot of Gold). This item may hit the player upon detonation of the Powder Boxes, stunning them and rendering them unable to run away. Push Blocks may also spawn above the idol, crushing the player on their way out.

Cavemen are also liable to spawn near the idol and pick it up, triggering the trap.

Giant Clam Trap

A Giant Clam guarding a Golden Idol in Tide Pool.

Giant Clams can be found in Tide Pool containing, among other items, Golden Idols with a sell price of $20,000. If the player stands in the middle of the clam where the Idol sits, it will snap shut, crushing and destroying anything on it.

The "trick" to collecting an Idol on a Giant Clam is standing on either the left or right side of the Idol, whipping it, then moving to the other side to collect it without stepping on the middle portion so to not trigger the Clam. Throwing an item at the Idol or simply being quick when grabbing the Idol is also possible.

Lava Lake Trap

The Golden Idol resting below Tide Pool's giant lava lake.

At the bottom of Tide Pool 4-3, a massive Lava lake can be found. Somewhere else in the level is a door to a sub-area path that takes the player to the trap below. Moving the Idol will cause the Powder Boxes to blow up sequentially, starting from the outer walls and going towards the middle.

It is nearly impossible to collect this Golden Idol, as the player would have to do one of a few specific skips to avoid using the Ankh or dying, both of which make the player drop the Idol. If the player manages to escape the trap with the Idol in hand and sell it/return it to the exit, they would earn $20,000.

For more information, visit the Tide Pool or Abzu pages.

Giant Crush Trap

A player using the Push Blocks beside the Idol trap to stop the Giant Crush Trap from destroying both them and the Idol.

In Temple of Anubis, there can be a Golden Idol valued at $20,000 inside of 2x2 sized hole with a Giant Crush Trap above it. This Giant Crush Trap will fit perfectly in the hole if the player attempts to take the Idol, destroying them both.

There are two push blocks next to this hole, and the player can use these push blocks by pushing them in the way of the Giant Crush Trap. This lets players take the Idol without fear of being crushed, although they should be cautious of the Giant Crush Trap when making their way out of the contraption.

Boulder Trap

Activating the Boulder trap in the Ice Caves.

In the Ice Caves, an Idol worth $25,000 can be found under a familiar statue from Spelunky Classic and HD. Taking the Idol will trigger a Boulder to fall through the head of the statue, rolling towards the direction of the player.

Although fairly easy to dodge (having to be two or more blocks above where the Golden Idol originally was and out of the way of the Boulder's spawn point), the destruction that it may cause as it rolls through the Ice Caves can be catastrophic, possibly even running through Shopkeeper Vaults, Shops, and Kali Altars. While Shopkeepers do not anger from the Boulder, Kali will.

Cloning the Golden Idol that was obtained from this trap will cause another boulder to appear over the cloned Idol as soon as it is moved. This can be used to summon Boulders anywhere in the Ice Caves, even in background layers.

Forcefields + Spark Traps

A player having secured the Idol at the center of a Neo Babylon Idol trap.

Within Neo Babylon, the player can find a Golden Idol guarded on both sides by four Forcefields and two Spark Traps, netting the player $30,000 if they can secure it.

Unlike most Idol Traps, this one does not have any specific "trick" to access the Idol, aside from being patient and waiting for the hazards to be out of the way of the player when going for the Idol. It is important to consider that more than just two Spark Traps and even UFOs may spawn around the Idol, potentially making securing it a more strenuous task.

Frog Traps

Multiple Frog Traps and an Arrow Trap defending the Golden Idol from potential thieves.

Golden Idols in the Sunken City are worth $35,000. There, the player can find them being protected by four Frog Traps and possibly even an Arrow Trap or two. Along the sides next to the idol can be numerous different treasures and valuable items, such as Pets.

The trick to obtaining the Idol is to first drop an item down to where the Idol is to trigger any possible Arrow Traps, then using the niches on the sides of the trap which contain treasure to stay out of the range of the Frog Traps.

The player will also not take fall damage if they drop down from the top of the trap to the bottom where the idol sits, making entry much easier for the player.

Note that two Frog Traps may spawn at the bottom of the trap by the idol; dropping down to the bottom and running into the niche by the idol is not a feasible option in this case and the player risks being infinitely hit by the two Frog Traps until they die.

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