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Hundun's Hideaway is the final main area of the game, at the end of the Sunken City. Here, the player can battle Hundun and either beat the game the hard way or shoot its eye to gain entry into the Cosmic Ocean.


Hundun's Hideaway begins just like the three previous Sunken City levels, with normal level generation.

However, no special landmarks spawn here, such as the Sun Challenge, Altars, or even Goliath Frog chunks, and instead Hundun will be quickly approaching to the player on an ascending pit of spikes, destroying every block and item in its way.

Whether the player defeated Hundun or not, the spike pit will inevitably drive them to a massive arena at the top of the level, where they are forced to finish the fight if they haven't yet.

If Hundun is defeated, both its eye and the door to complete the game the hard way will open. Shooting the eye of Hundun with the Arrow Of Light, fired using Hou Yi's Bow, will open the portal to the Cosmic Ocean.



  • Hundun and the spikes driving the player upward can be incredibly intimidating, especially if they are carrying Hou Yi's Bow and the Arrow Of Light. Despite this, Spelunkers should still take caution avoiding Frogs, Regenerating Blocks, and especially Arrow Traps, as being poisoned by one at this point will mean it is impossible to cure without having to die.
  • One strategy is to use some of more open chunks in the beginning stages of the level to defeat Hundun as it ascends, as both of its heads take time to break out of the shell, and do so one at a time. This strategy can sometimes be difficult, as the player will generally be confined to tight spaces and have to take their time to progress upward. Because of this, it is generally recommended to have an escape plan and be mindful of large swathes of water (which may prevent the player from escaping or stomping Hundun) when attempting this strategy.
  • Arrow Traps, Sticky Traps and enemies can still spawn in the arena. If the player reaches it early, they should dispatch of these hazards as soon as possible in order to prevent them complicating the battle with Hundun.
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