The Hoverpack is a Pack Item from Spelunky 2. It can be found in crates, shops, and other places.


The Hoverpack is 1 out of 4 packs in the game. It lets the player hover in the air for a limitless amount of time. You can hover through spikes as well without being killed and stop in the air to avoid fall damage. To activate, you must press Z in the air where you wish to hover.

The Hoverpack can also be triggered with fire causing an explosion dealing 10 health points of damage. These triggers include shotgun pellets, torches, lava, Magmars, and etc. You can not wear any other back or pack item at the same time with the Hoverpack, instead it will only switch. This includes all the Pack Items and the Capes.

Locations and Expenses

The Hoverpack can be mostly found in shops as the item itself, or in a Mystery Box. Although it can also be found in the walls or floors of the area like many other items. (Which can be seen with either the Udjat Eye or the Spectacles)

The item can also be obtained by Kali if you give the proper points in sacrifice at the Altar. The base value of the Hoverpack is $20,000 within the first shop, and increases in value with every level.

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