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The Hoverpack is a Backpack from Spelunky 2. It allows the player to hover in the air.

It can be found sold in Specialty Shops, and as an ultra-rare drop from Mosquitoes. Hoverpacks do not have a chance to drop from Crates nor Presents.


As a cheaper alternative to the Jetpack, the Hoverpack lets the user hover at a constant height for a limitless amount of time. The hover effect is toggled when the Player presses the jump button while in mid air, and turned back off when the jump button is pressed again. The hover effect will automatically turn off if the player touches a ledge, connects to a wall with Climbing Gloves, or touches the floor.

Although the Hoverpack and can be used mid air indefinitely unlike the Jetpack at only a bit over half the price, the Hoverpack does not grant the player any extra vertical mobility.

The Hoverpack does not reset scaling damage with Spike Shoes when active, and players suspended in the air with the Hoverpack for a certain amount of time will easily be able to defeat enemies with a single stomp on their way back down.

An extremely cautious player can slowly deactivate and reactivate the Hoverpack repeatedly to slowly lower themselves into Spikes unharmed.

As with all other flammable pack items like the Powerpack and Jetpack, the Hoverpack can also be set alight with fire or electricity, causing an explosion dealing 11 health points of damage. These triggers include shotgun pellets, torches, lava, Magmars, or any other powerful source of fire.


The Hoverpack is great for scaling large horizontal areas such as long spike pits, and can give the player a significant edge in situations such as the Olmec fight in his lair, but leaves the player wanting more, as they are still forced to use rope, climbing gloves, or other forms of mobility to ascend in any major fashion.

The Hoverpack can be an excellent tool for no gold runs, as it lets the player float over treasure with impunity. This can make it easier to obtain the "Low Score" Achievement.


  • The Hoverpack was previously priced at a whopping $20,000, but was later reduced to a base value of $12,000 in version 1.15.0a in order to make it a more viable option against other Backpacks like the Jetpack.
  • It was not possible to look up and down while the Hoverpack was active until version 1.20.3a.