The Hoverpack is a Back Item from Spelunky 2. It allows the player to hover in the air.

Where to find

It can be found in crates, shops, and other places. The Hoverpack is most commonly found in shops with a base price of 12,000 Gold, or in a Mystery Box.

Like other items, it can also be found in crates or in the walls or floors of a level, in which it can be seen with either the Udjat Eye or Spectacles.


Hover Functionality

As a cheaper alternative to the Jetpack. It lets the player hover in the air for a limitless amount of time. The hover effect is toggled when the Player presses the jump button while in mid air, and turned back off when the jump button is pressed again.

Although the Hoverpack and can be used mid air indefinitely unlike the Jetpack at almost half the price, the Hoverpack does not give the player any extra vertical mobility.

The Hoverpack is great for scaling large horizontal areas such as long spike pits, and can give the player a significant edge in the Olmec fight in his lair, but leaves the player wanting more, as they are still forced to use rope or other forms of mobility to ascend in any major fashion.

Another use for the hoverpack is that it's excellent for goldless runs, since it lets you hover over all gold without having to worry about landing.

Back Item Functionality

The Hoverpack is 1 out of 4 packs in the game. You cannot wear any other back item at the same time as the Hoverpack; attempting to wear another will only cause you to switch them.

As with all other "pack" items, the Hoverpack can also be set alight with fire or electricity, causing an explosion dealing 11 health points of damage. These triggers include shotgun pellets, torches, lava, Magmars, or any other powerful source of fire.


  • The hoverpack was previously priced at 16,000 Gold, but in patch 1.15 it was reduced to 12,000 Gold to make it more affordable.

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