Hou Yi's Bow is a simple ranged weapon. Though seemingly a not very useful item, it is one of the two items needed to reach the Cosmic Ocean.


Hou Yi's Bow is always found in the lower levels of the Moon Challenge, encased by walls of stone brick. It automatically comes with a Steel Arrow.

Despite what a player might think, Hou Yi's Bow functions identically to a Crossbow, firing Arrows in a straight line and pinning them to walls.

Entering the Cosmic Ocean using the bow and the Arrow Of Light to shoot Hundun's eye.

The true function of Hou Yi's Bow is to hold the Arrow of Light. Unlike a Crossbow, it can fire the Arrow Of Light normally without breaking. Due to this, the player can use it to fire it into the opened eye of Hundun, opening the way to the Cosmic Ocean.


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