Horned Lizards are common enemies found in the Dwelling in Spelunky 2.


Due to their ability to quickly roll towards the player, Horned Lizards are considered one of the trickiest enemies in the Dwelling. When a horned lizard sees the player, it will do a short jump, then curl up into a ball and begin rolling forward. In this curled-up state, the horned lizard cannot take damage from a whip or from being jumped on, unless the player has spike shoes.

If the horned lizard hits the player while it is rolling, it often leads to the player taking more damage than simply the initial hit, as it will launch them very high upwards. Because of this, it is important to be very careful around horned lizards, as getting hit once can easily lead to instant death. A good strategy is to wait until they are facing away from the player, then whip them or jump on them.

A unique property of the horned lizard is that when thrown by the player, it will not behave like other items, and will instead begin rolling like its attack. This can be useful as a ranged weapon in a pinch, or for setting off arrow traps.

When a Horned lizard has been damaged down to 1 HP remaining, its behavior will change. When it spots the player, it will instead walk back and forth, occasionally jumping and spitting blood, which can be useful if the player has the Kapala.

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