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Hermit Crabs are enemies in Spelunky 2.

They are found within Tide Pool and Abzu.


Hermit Crabs make their "home" hiding under Chests, Crates, Push Blocks, and even Powder Boxes.

Getting too close to a Hermit Crab in a home causes him to pop out and blow bubbles at the Spelunker. These bubbles inflict Poison on entities that touch them, and they float upwards infinitely until destroyed from touching any tile or receiving damage of any kind.

If hurt, Hermit Crabs are kicked out of their shell. When out of their shell, they move back and forth, turning around at ledges, regularly blowing bubbles regardless of proximity to the spelunker.

Hermit Crabs can climb on (and sometimes spawn on) the climbable dragon poles in the Tide Pool, stopping and blowing bubbles when the spelunker approaches.

They are one of the only monsters that can be sacrificed to a Kali Altar, but provide no favor, presumably due to their poisonous nature.

A Hermit Crab blowing toxic bubbles on a climbable pole.


  • In terms of behavior, Hermit Crabs are similar to the Snails of Spelunky HD.
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