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Hell is the secret fifth and final area of Spelunky HD, comprising levels 5-1 to 5-4. Here the player can make their way to the ruler of Hell found in 5-4; King Yama. Defeating King Yama will give the player the opportunity to complete the game the harder way and achieve the hard ending.

Getting to Hell is not an easy thing to accomplish. One needs to obtain the four Egyptian artifacts from the Mines, Jungle, Ice Caves, and Temple, making Shortcuts irrelevant.


To reach Hell, the player must obtain all four Egyptian Artifacts:

The Udjat Eye is used to find The Black Market for the Ankh, and the Ankh is used to die on the same level as the Moai and resurrect inside of it to obtain the Hedjet.

Once the player has both the Hedjet and the Scepter in hand, they may open the Golden Door in 4-2 of the Temple that leads into the City of Gold. In the center of The City of Gold is the Book of the Dead, encased in brick and found under a statue of Anubis.

The entrance to Hell itself is found somewhere just above the lava lake in Olmec's Lair, 4-4. The Book of the Dead on the player's HUD will writhe faster the closer the player is to the horizontal position of the entrance, and Olmec himself must be baited into killing himself in the lava just under the entrance. As he sinks into the lava, Olmec can then be used as a platform to enter the door, and the player will now find themselves in the final world of the game.


  • Although the player may still find the entrance to Hell without the help of the Book of the Dead, they may not enter the door without it, forcing the player to follow the entire chain.
  • The Udjat Eye can be skipped, although it can be very difficult to find The Black Market without its help.
  • The Black Market entrance never spawns on 2-4.
  • The player must wait for the Hedjet to fall onto them before they progress after dying and resurrecting inside of the Moai, otherwise they will exit the level without collecting it.
    • Entering the Moai through a method that is not dying on the same level as it and resurrecting with the Ankh will spawn a diamond instead of the Hedjet.
  • Opening the door to The City of Gold will consume the Scepter.
  • The player should be quick in entering the door to Hell, as Olmec will sink into the lava rather quickly and if enough time has passed they will be unable to enter the door to Hell.


Hell is a very claustrophobic area of the game, consisting of very narrow passageways littered with Tiki Traps and Spike Balls. This slightly works in the player's favor, as they are likely to kill any angry Shopkeepers that may be waiting for the player at every level exit. Chains that the Spelunker can climb can be found over Spikes, pools of Lava, and other difficult to traverse areas. Due to the large amount of hazards, a Cape, a Jetpack, and/or a good supply of Bombs are recommended to have on hand.

The final level of Hell, 5-4, is Yama's Throne.

A full level of 5-1. Vlad's Castle makes up the entire left portion in this particular seed.


Below is a list Monsters and Traps (besides The Ghost) that can be found in Hell that can be harmful/hostile to the player.


XBLA Bat.png


XBLA Imp.png


  • Succubi disguise themselves as a Damsel to lure the Spelunker, and transform back into their true form when they enter her range. They can be distinguished by their more frequent calling.

Level Feelings

"A horrible feeling of nausea comes over you!"

This feeling always appears in 5-1 and features Vlad's Castle in the left or right side of the level. Here, the player can defeat Vlad and obtain his Amulet and Cape.


  • This world was not in Spelunky Classic, and was added in the HD release.


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