The Hedjet is the third of four ancient Egyptian artifacts required to access the City of Gold.

It is an accessory obtained by using the Ankh to resurrect yourself inside the Moai statue that appears on one of the levels in the Ice Caves.

To gain access to the Moai, you must die on the level that contains the Moai while you still have the Ankh in your inventory. This destroys the Ankh but grants you access to the inside of the statue which contains a secret exit and the Hedjet. It is possible to leave through the exit before collecting the Hedjet.

It is not possible to acquire the Hedjet by using the Teleporter to warp inside the statue. If you teleport in, you will receive a diamond worth 7500 gold instead.

You cannot simply break into the statue using bombs or a mattock. However, you can break it with the ball and chain, but when you enter, a diamond drops from where the Hedjet is supposed to be. The player still needs to die on that level and respawn inside the statue to obtain the Hedjet.


The only function of the Hedjet is to be used in conjunction with the Scepter dropped by Anubis on level 4-1 to open the golden door on level 4-2 to the City of Gold. Unlike in Spelunky Classic, it does not prevent dark levels from being generated, nor does it prevent the Ghost from spawning.

Unlike the Scepter, you retain the Hedjet after advancing through the door.


  • The Hedjet, also known as the White Crown, was worn by the Pharaohs of Upper Egypt.
  • It is possible to enter through the Moai statue door without collecting the Hedjet if you enter the door immediately.
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