The Hedjet, as seen inside the Moai using the spectacles

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The Hedjet is the third of four ancient Egyptian artifacts required to access the City of Gold.

It is an accessory obtained by using the Ankh to resurrect yourself inside the Moai statue that appears on one of the levels in the Ice Caves.

To gain access to the Moai, you must die nearby while you still have the Ankh in your inventory. [1] The most reliable way of doing this is to simply commit suicide while the statue is on the screen. Obviously, this destroys the Ankh but grants you access to the inside of the statue, where the Hedjet lies in front of a secret exit. Do not attempt to use a bomb, as the persistent blast may kill you twice in quick succession, before and after the resurrection.

It is not possible to acquire the Hedjet using the Teleporter to warp inside the statue, as the game considers the inside of the Moai to be solid until the Ankh is used. If you attempt to teleport in, you will die even if you land inside what should be the hollow interior. You cannot simply break into the statue using bombs or a mattock either.


By itself, the Hedjet lets you see in dark levels without using light sources, and it prevents The Ghost from spawning, even after the time limit has been reached.

However, its primary role is to be used in conjunction with the Scepter dropped from the Mummy on level 13 to open the Golden Door to the City of Gold. Unlike the Scepter, you retain the Hedjet even after advancing through the door, along with the Udjat Eye.


The Hedjet, also known as the White Crown, was worn by the Pharaohs of Upper Egypt. It was later merged with the crown of Lower Egypt to signify the two kingdoms merging under one ruler.


  1. When the Ankh is consumed, the game checks if the Moai exists on the level, to decide whether to put you back at the entrance (as happens on other levels) or inside the Moai (as happens here).
    However, the check that it uses for the existence for the Moai actually acts as a sort of "proximity check" that doesn't work if the Moai is in the Frozen Region. Thus, killing yourself by throwing yourself to the bottom of the level sometimes works, but only if the Moai is close enough to the bottom of the level.
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