Hawk Men are enemies who spawn only in The Temple and the City of Gold, as well as once in Olmec's Lair. They are similar to Cavemen, but are stronger and able to jump erratically and throw the Spelunker around upon contact. They attack similarly to an unarmed Shopkeeper, hopping maniacally towards the Spelunker to throw him around. Hawk Men are distinguishable by their bright red bird's head.


Much like a caveman, when idle, a Hawk Man roams around slowly, aimlessly wandering off ledges and hopping over obstacles.

They will enter a "frenzied" state when they see a Spelunker, which causes them to start running and jumping several blocks into the air. In this state, they only run forwards and will not stop or change direction unless they run into a wall. They will also run or jump off ledges without thinking, so tend to get trapped in pits.

A Hawk Man's line of sight only extends horizontally in front of them for about 6 tiles, so they cannot see anything above, below or behind themselves.

Once angry, a Hawk Man will not stop attacking unless stunned, at which point he will wake up in a passive state. He will resume attacking if he sees the Spelunker again, but otherwise will not remember a thing.

If a Hawk Man comes in contact with a Spelunker from either side or above, he will throw the Spelunker upwards much like a Yeti or angered Shopkeeper. It is possible to avoid the throw by whipping or jumping on (and thus stunning) the Hawk Man. Because of the nature of the Hawk Man's throw, it is possible to get stuck in an endless throw loop until death.

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