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For the functionally identical enemy in Spelunky HD that is different in appearance and name, see Spinner Spider (HD).

Hang Spiders are enemies in Spelunky 2.

They spawn in webs in Jungle.


Hang Spiders periodically dive downwards before ascending back to their web, akin to a person performing a bungee jump. This dive always varies in distance, regardless of proximity to other enemies or spelunkers.

If attacked, but not damaged, such as throwing a broken arrow or the flashing a Camera at them, they drop down and hop around like a normal spider would.

Hang Spider will very rarely drop a Webgun when killed, with an approximately 1/500 chance of doing so.


  • Hang Spiders appear to be based off of the species gasteracantha, also known as the spiny orb-weaver.
    • The spider seen in-game are likely female; Spiny orb-weavers exhibit strong sexual dimorphism, with females being several times larger than males and bearing bright colors and notable spines.
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