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Grub are a small, unassuming enemy found in the Sunken City.


Grub burst out of Egg Sacs in groups of three, clinging to the level's wall. They crawl around on the wall aimlessly leaving a sticky trail, until a player gets close enough below them, in which they will dive into the player, being permanently on the ground after which point.

Grub are eaten by Frogs and Fire Frogs, but if given enough time and space, will mature into a Giant Fly, now capable of eating its former predators.


  • Grub are an excellent source of blood for the Kapala.
  • Much like all other enemies that simply attack the player for 1 HP, the biggest threat that the Grub poses its the massive falter timer that it sets the player on, forcing them to cease all movement for 30 frames (half a second) after being hit. This could easily knock the victim into Spikes or Regenerating Blocks.
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