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For the spiritual predecessors of Great Humphead, see Old Bitey (HD) or Megamouth (Classic).

Great Humphead is an enemy Spelunky 2.

He is a colossal fish located in the Great Lake at the bottom of Tide Pool 4-2, just under where Excalibur is located.


Great Humphead has 40 HP, and charges towards the spelunker if they get within range, dealing two damage on contact.

After a certain amount of time has passed, Great Humphead retreats for a moment, either giving Spelunkers a chance to escape or serving as a way to bait them out into a position more advantageous for Great Humphead.

Camera-ing Great Humphead will cause it to loose interest in the Spelunker for a moment and turn around

Defeating Great Humphead leaves behind a Hired Hand, Camera, and a Present.


There are numerous strategies used to defeat Great Humphead, such as:

  • Going into a position where Great Humphead cannot reach the Spelunker, but can still be hit. An example of this would be the entrance to the wooden structure at the bottom of the lake.
  • Finding the level's Curse Pot and throwing it at him, reducing him to 1 HP.
  • Using a weapon, such as Bombs, a Shotgun, or Excalibur.

Great Humphead is the only consistent method of obtaining a Present in a run, which can help lower the RNG needed to produce an Eggplant at a Kali Altar. The Hired Hand left behind can help the spelunker carry more than one item through levels along with the Eggplant, such as Excalibur or the Clone Gun.


  • Great Humphead is a colossal humphead wrasse, also known as the Māori wrasse or napoleonfish. Although humphead wrasses typically prey on smaller fish and mollusks, the Journal entry and death message for Great Humphead explains that ages of starvation has led him to go as far to eat spelunkers to satiate his appetite.
    • Great Humphead has barbels (the "whiskers" above his mouth), much like that of a koi fish and unlike the features on a typical humphead wrasse. This, along with the "beard" on Great Humphead's chin, appears to be a stylistic choice to help him fit in more with the aesthetic of Tide Pool.
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