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For the spiritual predecessor of Great Humphead, see Old Bitey.

The Great Humphead is a giant fish creature located in the Great Lake at the bottom of Tide Pool 4-2, just under where Excalibur is located.

The Great Humphead functions identically to Old Bitey from Spelunky HD.


Great Humphead is located at the bottom of Tide Pool's 2nd level, The Great Lake. If one wants to slay Great Humphead, it is recommended to kill any Flying Fish that might damage the player before attempting to challenge him.

Humphead will charge at the player if they get close enough, dealing two damage per hit. If he cannot reach the player, he will retreat for a moment, giving the player a window to strike him. After enough time, he will stop retreating and strike back at the player. Killing Humphead will award a Hired Hand, Camera, and a Present.


Humphead is surprisingly easy to kill even without weapons. There are multiple strategies:

  • Going near the entrance of the shipwreck at the bottom right portion of the lake, and whip him/slash him with Excalibur, as he cannot not reach the player through the entrance.
  • Finding a curse pot and throwing it at him, which will lower him to 1 health and leave him vulnerable to the strike of a whip.
  • Throwing 4 Paste Bombs at him, or two with the Powerpack.
  • Using a Shotgun.

It may be prudent to use the Clone Gun on him if the player has the power to kill four Humpheads (likely through a Shotgun) and has nothing else better to clone, as the presents may prove useful. Otherwise, a player may simply clone the presents he drops, in order to reduce the potential danger but still receive more rewards.

If an Altar spawns on 4-2, the player can use the Present he drops to obtain an Eggplant. Without a Hired Hand or a second player, they can't bring it to the Ice Caves (where they can deposit it on the Moai) if they also intend to bring either the Clone Gun/Excalibur with them.

  • If the player decides to kill Humphead to free the Hired Hand inside and/or obtain the present for a Eggplant, they should be careful not to inflict additional damage near where he was killed, as although they both have a small grace period before they may be damaged, the player may accidently break open the present or kill the hired hand with the weapon they were using, denying them the opportunity to obtain the Eggplant or enjoy the Hired Hand's help.


  • Great Humphead is a colossal humphead wrasse, also known as the Māori wrasse or napoleonfish. Although humphead wrasses typically prey on smaller fish and mollusks, ages of starvation has led Great Humphead to go as far to try and eat Spelunkers just to satiate his appetite.
    • Great Humphead has barbels, much like that of a koi fish and unlike the features on a typical humphead wrasse. This, along with the "beard" on Great Humphead's chin appears to be a stylistic choice made by the developers in order to make him fit in more with the aesthetic of Tide Pool.