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The Great Humphead is a giant fish creature located in the large pool of water at the bottom of Tide Pool 4-2, just under where Excalibur is located.


The Great Humphead is located at the bottom of Tide Pool's 2nd level, The Great Lake. This lake is filled to the brim with Flying Fish. If you want to kill the Humphead, it is recommended to kill any Flying Fish that might damage the player before attempting to challenge Humphead.

The Great Humphead functions identically to Old Bitey from Spelunky HD. Killing Humphead will award a Hired Hand, Camera, and a Mystery Box.

At the very bottom of the lake, there's a shipwreck with a back door inside of it. the back door contains a Ghist and a Golden Idol inside of a Giant Clam.


Humphead is surprisingly easy to kill even if you have no loot. There are multiple strategies:

  • Go near the entrance of the shipwreck, and whip him/slash him with Excalibur, as he cannot not reach the player through the entrance.
  • Find a curse pot and throw it at him, which will lower him to 1 health.
  • Throwing 4 Paste Bombs at him, or two with the Powerpack.
  • Using a Shotgun.

It may be prudent to use the Clone Gun on him if the player has the power to kill four Humpheads (likely through a Shotgun) and has nothing else better to clone, as the Mystery Boxes may prove useful.

If an Altar spawns on 4-2, the player can use the Mystery Box he drops to obtain an Eggplant.