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Goliath Frogs are a large enemy uncommonly found in the Sunken City.


Goliath Frogs are entirely stationary, and the main danger they pose are armies of regular Frogs, Fire Frogs and Tadpoles they hack out of their mouth. There is no limit to the number of frogs it can produce.

Goliath Frogs by themselves are not very dangerous by itself due to its immobility, but if the player stands on its maw or is inside of it as it chomps down, they will be killed instantly.

Once the Goliath Frog is killed, it is possible to enter its belly safely. If the Goliath Frog is not killed before attempting to enter, the player will die once it bites down. Within the Goliath Frog, the player can find a coffin containing Dirk Yamaoka. After freeing Dirk from his coffin, the player can find various pieces of treasure and sometimes crates or a floundering Tadpole inside of Goliath Frogs. Coffins will spawn inside of Goliath Frogs after unlocking Dirk Yamaoka.

It is possible to destroy the heads of Goliath Frogs using Excalibur or the Freeze Ray, leaving nothing but the decapitated body behind.

The remains of a Goliath Frog after its head was destroyed.


  • It is easiest to kill the Goliath Frog by throwing a paste bomb at it from a distance, which will kill it along with any nearby frogs it spawned.
  • Shooting at the Goliath Frog with the Arrow of Light is an easy way to defeat it, only requiring a single shot.

Exploring the innards of a deceased Goliath Frog.

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