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The Golden Monkey is a friendly character that appears as a gift from Kali when a Golden Idol is sacrificed on an Altar. He was transformed into a Golden Idol by a Sorceress, but can be transformed back with Kali's help.


When a Golden Monkey is summoned at a Kali Altar, he will immediately jump into the direction opposite the one the player was facing when the Idol was offered.

Summoned Golden Monkeys have 1 HP, and will randomly jump around a level, paying no attention to enemies or traps. He will not attempt to "prank" entities like a standard Monkey would.

Although a valuable Golden Idol must be sacrificed to summon him, it is possible to regain a sizeable profit by collecting their valuable excrement; Golden Monkeys randomly poop out treasure, which can be any variety of small gems, a small gold nugget, as well as the occasional large gold nugget. They will eventually stop pooping, but will always leave behind a total amount of treasure worth a higher value than the golden idol they once were.

Golden Monkeys may be picked up and carried through levels, but will produce treasure much more slowly while held.


  • Sacrificing The Tusk Idol will simply produce a regular Golden Monkey, and thus is not worth turning into one due to the loss of profit.
  • Players going for speed generally do not want to create Golden Monkeys, as profiting off of one takes a lot of time.
  • Golden Monkeys should be kept away from traps whenever possible, particularly Thorny Vines or Totem/Lion Traps.
  • It may be prudent to produce a Golden Monkey as soon as possible, leave them in a safe spot, then tend to other business while the Golden Money generates income for the player.
  • Killing a Golden Monkey has no other reward aside from the blood they drop, which may be used for the Kapala.
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