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For the standard key used to open all other locks, see Key.

The Gold Key is an item used to open the Locked Chest and obtain the Udjat Eye.

It is always found in the Dwelling on either 1-2 or 1-3, in the same level as the Locked Chest.


Bringing the gold key to the Locked Chest... opens it. The key disappears, the chest will be left open and the Udjat Eye pops out from the chest.

The chest does not open if the Spelunker picks up the chest and brings it to the key lying on the ground, or if they throw the gold key at the chest from afar.

If the Skeleton Key is in the player's inventory, it is used to open the Locked Chest instead of the Gold Key.

Ice Caves Shortcut

The Gold Key is the last item needed to open the short to the Ice Caves, after $50,000 and a Hired Hand have been donated to Terra Tunnel on previous runs.

It must be brought from the Dwelling to Terra at the end of level 4-4, after exiting either Temple of Anubis or Tide Pool.

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