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Giant Spiders are large enemies with a whopping 10 HP, but can be dispatched easily by chaining jumps on them or throwing a bomb into the webs underneath them while they're lying in wait.

Giant Spiders spawn in Jungle. They most commonly spawn in 2-1, becoming increasingly rarer as the player descends into the area. These enemies do not spawn in Jungle themed Cosmic Ocean levels, unlike most other enemies.


Giant Spiders are generated hanging from the ceiling, with two webs directly beneath them. Like their smaller cousins, they only drop down to attack if the spelunker runs directly underneath them or if they take damage.

After dropping from the ceiling, it regularly leaps toward the spelunker, and can crawl sideways through 1 tile wide spaces if it needs to. It also occasionally spits webs in the direction of the spelunker to try and trap them.

Any entity that comes in contact with a Giant Spider take 2 HP of damage, whether or not it was a spelunker. Corpses are violently flung if touched.

Giant Spiders are guaranteed to drop Paste and two gems when killed.

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