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Giant Spiders are large enemies with a whopping 10 HP, but can be dispatched easily by chaining jumps on them or throwing a bomb into the webs underneath them while they're lying in wait.

They are guaranteed to drop Bomb Paste and two gems when killed.


Giant Spiders are always generated hanging from the ceiling, with two web blocks directly beneath them. Like their smaller cousins, they will only drop down to attack you if you pass directly underneath them or if they take damage.

Once they fall from the ceiling, they are free to pursue nearby Spelunkers. Unlike regular Spiders, they are capable of crawling along the ground without jumping in order to move through 1 tile high gaps. They retain the ability to jump, much like their smaller brethren. They will also shoot sticky balls of web at random, which create temporary web tiles where they land. Giant Spiders are not slowed by web, allowing them to quickly kill stuck prey. They are also invulnerable to Thorny Vines.

Giant Spiders deal damage to nearly anything that it touches - even enemies and NPCs. Corpses that come in contact with a Giant Spider will be violently flung, hitting anything unfortunate enough to be in the flying corpse's way.

Giant Spiders most commonly spawn in 2-1 of the Jungle, becoming increasingly rarer as the player descends into the area. These enemies do not spawn in the Cosmic Ocean.


  • The easiest method of killing a Giant Spider is to throw a bomb into its web while it's lying in wait, as the explosion will kill the Spider instantly. The best way to do this is by throwing upward diagonally from below, as throwing horizontally from the Spider's level has a tendency to hit it.
    • Be careful, however; if you do miss and hit the Spider, it will be alerted to your presence and begin to chase you. In this case, the bomb will usually fail to kill the Spider as it drops down from the ceiling out of the blast zone.
  • As Giant Spiders are not nearly as sporadic and unpredictable as they were in Spelunky HD, it is possible to easily chain jump on them until all of their HP is depleted, netting a relatively easy kill.
  • Since the scaling damage with Spike Shoes does not reset when making contact with web, the player can hang in on one of its webs for some time, then drop down onto them, likely killing them instantly with the scaling damage.
  • If you are able to get up on the same level as a Giant Spider, a shotgun or other ranged weapon will easily defeat them.
  • If you cannot safely dispatch a spider, it is recommended to run to somewhere it cannot reach you, such as a single-tile-wide hole.
  • Giant Spiders can be used to kill dangerous and high health enemies, such as angered Shopkeepers or other NPCs.