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The Giant Frog is a large enemy uncommonly found in the Jungle.


Giant Frogs live up to their name and occupy a massive 2x2 space. Due to their large size, Giant Frogs move very slowly, making the Giant Frog itself only a real threat when blocking the player's path.

Giant Frogs will periodically spit out regular Frogs as a defense. There is no limit to the number of frogs it can produce, but it will not spawn more than a certain number at once.

When killed, the Giant Frog will drop a number of gems, and although with a roughly 15% chance of doing so, it may also drop a pair of Spring Shoes.


When fighting a Giant Frog, the player should first deal with the smaller ones it spawns first before attempting to engage, in order to avoid unnecessary poke damage from them.

It is easiest to kill the Giant Frog by dropping a bomb on it from above, which will kill it along with any nearby frogs it spawned.

Sometimes, Giant Frogs will block the players path, and will require them to defeat them using various methods.

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