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Giant Flies are large, snarling enemies encountered in Sunken City, but are not of much danger if out of the player's way.


Giant Flies spawn hovering around in Sunken City, or are created if a Grub is given enough time and space to mature into one. They are one of the few enemies that does not actively try and attack the player, even if damaged by them.

Giant Flies have 5 HP, making them a good source of blood for the Kapala and a spongy target. Hitting a Giant Fly with a thrown item like a Rock or Arrow will cause them to momentarily cease flight, dropping down approximately 2 tiles before resuming flight.

Strangely, Giant Flies have a diet of exclusively Frogs, eating any that come near. Giant Flies will even eat Fire Frogs without them exploding.

A Giant Fly consuming a Fire Frog whole.


Giant Flies are generally only a threat to the player if in their way, in which their 5 HP will keep the player busy for a time.

It is prudent to throw primed Fire Frogs into the mouths of Giant Flies, as it will prevent an explosion from occurring, safely disposing of the Fire Frog.

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