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Giant Clams are large traps found within the Tide Pool that will attempt to crush anything that goes to obtain the treasure inside of them. They are also commonly found within the sub-area of Abzu.


When the Spelunker or any other Monster passes over its middle, usually containing some treasure or Golden Idol as bait, it will snap shut, destroying anything caught in its jaws.

Standing on the top of a closed clam will prick the victim for 1 point of damage due to the large amount of barnacles on it, similar to Thorny Vines found within the Jungle. After a being closed for a few moments, it will reopen once more to ensnare its next victim.

If the tiles under a Giant Clam are destroyed, it will fall downwards, crushing anything unfortunate enough to be below it.

The Clam is a large three tiles wide, but only snaps shut when an entity passes over its middle, meaning that the player can obtain desired treasures by standing on one of the clam's sides and whipping the treasure away from the middle.

A Giant Clam with a Golden Idol inside of its mouth.

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