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For the ghists seen in other portions of the world, see their page.

The Ghist Shopkeeper resides in the 3rd row grid in 1-4 of Dwelling just above the Shortcut door, or within the depths of the Eggplant World, in a specific room. It is only possible to enter the Ghist Shop if the player is cursed.

In Co-op games, only one player will need to be cursed, and all other players may freely enter the shop if the cursed player is alive and in the level.

Once inside, the player is greeted by a Ghist floating above their Caveman corpse. The store contains presents containing 3 high-tier loot items inside each costing a staggering $20,000 each.

These presents can contain numerous different objects, and only one item from each category can appear, making it impossible to obtain two or more guns, backpacks, Player Bags, or Miscellaneous items from a single Ghist Shop. All items have the same chance of dropping as one-another.

Present Contents (Max 1 Per Category)
Backpacks Weapons Miscellaneous Bag
Jetpack Link S2.png Jetpack Plasma Cannon Link S2.png Plasma Cannon Kapala Link S2.png Kapala

(In Dwelling shop only)

Player Bag Link S2.png Player Bag containing

12 bombs and 12 ropes

Powerpack Link S2.png Powerpack Shotgun Link S2.png Shotgun Clone Gun Link S2.png Clone Gun

(In Eggplant World shop only)

Hoverpack Link S2.png Hoverpack Freeze Ray Link S2.png Freeze Ray
Telepack Link S2.png Telepack Webgun Link S2.png Webgun

Ghist Shopkeepers can be angered by opening their presents without purchasing them. Once provoked, it will behave similar to the Ghost, chasing after the player through walls and following them in and out of sub-areas in order to make contact with them, killing the player instantly. As with regular Ghists, it is possible to kill the Ghist Shopkeeper with a Camera or by destroying the caveman corpse next to it, by means of a Machete, Freeze Ray, Spelunker Ghosts, or otherwise.

Angering or killing the Ghist Shopkeeper in the Dwelling does not affect the status of the one in the Eggplant World.

Entering a Ghist Shop without any players being cursed will have the presents and the Ghist Shopkeeper themselves not appear, making it infeasible to obtain the loot without the affliction.