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For the much larger threat seen after too much time is spent in levels, see The Ghost.

For the Ghist Shopkeepers in the Dwelling and Eggplant World, visit their page.

Ghists are small, rotund apparitions that appear in Restless Dead levels, from the bodies of Hired Hands and specific Cavemen, or even seen running their very own Shop.


Ghists visible under the effects of Curse in a Restless Dead level in Temple of Anubis.

Ghists are found bound to either a gravestone in a level with the Restless Dead Level Feeling, or the corpse of a Hired Hand or a haunted Caveman found in hidden sub-areas. A dead caveman with a Ghist is guaranteed to spawn within the shipwreck at the bottom of 4-2 of Tide Pool.

These Ghists are passive mobs that float around their origin point, even following it if they are bound to a corpse and it is moved. The standard variety of Ghists do not attack or even interact with other entities under any circumstances.

Ghists may be killed if the player flashes them with a Camera or destroys the corpse/grave they are bound to, and will drop a few coins. This can be done even if the player is not cursed and cannot see the Ghists.

If the player wishes to get the journal entry for the Ghist without being cursed, using the Camera that always drops from Great Humphead can be taken to the shipwreck at the bottom of 4-2 of Tide Pool that can then be used to kill the Ghist that is guaranteed to spawn there.

A hidden sub-area containing the haunted corpse of a Caveman.

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