Ghists are small, rotund ghosts that appear in Restless Dead levels, selling items from their shop, and from the bodies of Caveman and Hired Hands.

When a player is killed in a multiplayer mode, they become a playable ghist.

Ghist Shopkeeper

The Ghist Shop.

The Ghist Shopkeeper resides in the 3rd row grid in Dwelling 1-4, or within the depths of the Eggplant World, 7-2. The entrance to the Ghist Shop is only accessible if the current player is under the effects of the Cursed debuff.

Once inside, you are greeted by a Ghist floating above their Caveman corpse.

The store contains Mystery Boxes holding 3 high-tier loot items inside each costing a staggering $20,000 each. These can be pack items, any gun, or even a Corpse Bag containing 12 bombs and 12 rope.

In the Dwelling, the boxes can contain the Kapala while in the Eggplant World, the boxes can contain a Clone Gun.

Though it is possible to gather enough money to purchase one, it is more advised to rob due to the amount of effort required to enter the shop, and relative ease of robbing the Ghist Shopkeeper.

The Ghist Shopkeeper can be angered by opening the presents without purchasing them. Once provoked, it behaves similar to the Ghost by going after the player through walls and following them through sub-area doors in order to make contact with them, which would kill the player instantly.


  • Instead of digging through in hopes of finding the Ghost Door, the player can take advantage of Quillback's attacks by helping layer down the 3rd row beneath its arena. You can also help Quillback dig faster is to bomb the layer below for Quillback to enter and dig into when provoked
  • Just like when in robbing a shopkeeper, the player must make sure to have a quick escape route to Volcana or Jungle when robbing. One can place all the presents in the corner and quickly whip all of them to grab the loot and make a quick escape.
  • There are currently three methods for killing the Ghist Shopkeeper:
    • Attacking the Ghist Shopkeeper with a Camera. Once used, the Ghist disappears and drops gold coins.
    • Using a Teleporter or a Telepack to tele-frag the caveman's body resulting in the Ghist Shopkeeper disappearing.
    • Using the Freeze Ray to destroy the caveman's body resulting in the Ghist Shopkeeper disappearing.
  • Much like every other NPC besides Shopkeepers and Tun, the player is not held responsible for angering the Ghist Shopkeeper.


Ghists visible under the effects of Curse in a Restless Dead Level in Volcana

Some corpses will leave behind Ghists that can only be seen if the player is cursed.

Hired hands will occasionally spawn Ghists that will hang around the body, and dead cavemen corpses found in hidden rooms will also have a Ghist. A dead caveman with a Ghist is guaranteed to spawn within the shipwreck at the bottom of 4-2 of Tide Pool.

These Ghists are passive mobs that float around and do not attack under any circumstances. They can be killed if the player flashes them with a Camera, and will drop a few coins. This can be done even if the player is not cursed and cannot see the Ghists.

If the player wishes to get the journal entry for the Ghist without being cursed, using the Camera that always drops from Great Humphead can be used to taken to the shipwreck at the bottom of 4-2 that can then be used to kill the Ghist that is guaranteed to spawn there.

Playable Ghist

Once a player in Co-Op dies, they become a playable Ghist. The colors and features of the Ghist resemble each playable Character respectively.

Player Ghists can use the attack button to hold their breath and release a puff of air, knocking anything forward. If a player Ghist holds their breath for over 2.5 seconds, they will be able to shoot a short-ranged Ice shot just like the Freeze Ray when released.

Pressing the "bomb" button while playing as a ghist will boost them forward.

Pressing the "rope" button while playing as a ghist will cause them to shake and make a loud rattling noise. This has no effect on gameplay.

Player Ghists can help living players by:

  • Using its held breath to blow objects from high elevation to help with players from wasting ropes.
  • Triggering Powder Boxes.
  • Provoking Pets from their idle state.
  • Blowing away The Ghost.
  • Leaving powerful enemies to be easily defeating using their ice blast, such as Quillback, Osiris, or even Tiamat.

Player Ghists can provoke Shopkeepers and other NPCs by freezing them.

For each player Ghist that exists, the amount of time in a level before The Ghost spawns reduces by 30 seconds.

Taking a picture of a player Ghist using the Camera will momentarily and forcefully freeze them into an odd shape or expression.

Every single special pose that can be performed by spelunker ghists after their picture is taken with the Camera.

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