The first neat trick to pull is to go to a weapon shop and pick up a weapon except for a machete. As shown on image 1, I grabbed a shotgun. This item still needed to be purchased, but i didn't, hit x and aim at the shopkeeper and you kill him with his own gun!!

Alternativly,  you can grab a pot and throw it at him,  then grab the gun and sprint too the finish before he catches you!!  Doing this won't put you on the wanted list or hunted down.(image 2)

If you are falling,  you can grab onto the stone bricks and it with how the pushing animation and it stops your fall.(image 3)

Number 4:Use the girl as a human shield if projectiles happen to be flying towards you.(image 4)

Five:  Throw your items at a dispenser so that you won't get shot,  but your item will.  Your item can still be used and picked u.(image 5)
Screenshot 2015-04-27 at 10.50.29 AM

Image #5:

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Image #4:

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Image #3:

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Image #2

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Image #1:

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