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The Four-Leaf Clover is an item with the primary function of extending the ghost timer by 2 minutes.


When obtained, the Four-Leaf Clover will display a Level Feeling-type message that reads "You feel protected!".

Collecting a clover will extend the Ghost timer by 2 minutes. This gives the player a total of 5 minutes (4 minutes and 30 seconds when cursed) to freely explore the level.

The additional time is not applied if the Ghost has already spawned from the timer expiring or from the Curse Pot being destroyed.

If a Leprechaun was present in the level, the clover will also reveal the location of their Pot of Gold by displaying a rainbow above the tile where it's hidden.

Clovers will also fix the travel distance of the Teleporter, Telepack, and Axolotl to their maximum distance of 8 blocks sideways/upward and 9 blocks downward, making it a valuable tool in increasing their predictability.

The clover expires after exiting the level, with its petals breaking off and floating off from the HUD.


The Four-Leaf Clover is a guaranteed drop from Leprechauns but may also be found in specific locations where the player may need more time:

It is worth noting that Four-leaf Clovers do not spawn for the Sun Challenge, meaning that the player must plan around this and complete all of their desired objectives within the same level as the Sun Challenge in the Sunken City.