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Four-Leaf Clovers are a Power-Up in Spelunky 2.


The Four-Leaf Clover is a guaranteed drop from Leprechauns. Four-Leaf Clovers will also be found in specific locations where the Spelunker may need more time:

Unlike the previous two challenges, Four-Leaf Clovers do not spawn for the Sun Challenge.


When obtained, the Four-Leaf Clover prompts a Level Feeling-type message that reads "You feel protected!", and appears in the HUD in place of the hourglass next to the timer.

Collecting a Four-Leaf Clover extends the Ghost timer by 2 minutes. This gives the Spelunker a total of 5 minutes to freely explore the level before it spawns, when not accounting for dead/cursed spelunkers, whose presences each lower the timer by 30 seconds.

The additional time is not applied if the Ghost has already spawned from the timer expiring or from the Curse Pot being destroyed.

If a Leprechaun was present in the level, the Four-Leaf Clover also reveals the location of their Pot of Gold by displaying a rainbow above the tile where it is hidden.

Four-Leaf Clovers also fixes the travel distance of the Teleporter, Telepack, Axolotl, and The True Crown's teleport to their maximum distance of 8 blocks left/right/up and 9 blocks down, heavily increasing their predictability.

When the Ghost appears or the Spelunker exits the level, the Four-Leaf Clover expires. This is shown in the HUD by having its petals break off and fall; the hourglass icon will then reappear in its place.

The Four-Leaf Clover expiring causes the Spelunker to lose its special effects; the Pot of Gold rainbow will disappear and teleportation will return to having a random distance. If the Spelunker wishes to have these effects after the Ghost appears, they will need to collect a Four-Leaf Clover after the Ghost appears. This will give them the Four-Leaf Clover's effects for the rest of the time they spend in the level.

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