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Forcefields in Spelunky 2 are a type of defensive barrier which prevents the player from accessing portions of a level, typically containing treasure and other useful items.


Forcefields can be found in abundance on The Mothership and in Neo Babylon, as well as serving as the barrier between the player and the reward item in a Dice House.

Forcefields reflect any objects thrown at them slightly backwards, with projectiles like the buckshot of a Shotgun being sent the other way back at the attacker. Forcefields are capable of reflecting all projectiles, including the powerful blast of the Plasma Cannon. Arrows are considered throwable objects, and will simply bounce backward losing all velocity, even when fired by a Crossbow or Hou Yi's Bow.

Entities that touch a forcefield will take 1 damage and become stunned for a brief moment, although creatures that normally do not walk off of ledges will simply turn around if they meet a forcefield.

There are two variants of forcefields, with one deactivating and reactivating every ~3 seconds, and another that will remain activated indefinitely.

The indefinite version will appear in Dice Houses, only deactivating once the player rolls a 7 to allow them to collect their prize. Tun also uses an "airlock" system of two forcefields to block entry in/out of her challenges.

This variant of forcefield also serves as a blockade into pens of Neo Babylon, and as a defensive measure to stop the player from obtaining the Plasma Cannon or entering the Proto Shopkeeper pen in The Mothership. It can still be destroyed by explosives, and forcefields in The Mothership can be disabled by killing Lahamu.

The deactivating and reactivating variant will appear guarding Lahamu in The Mothership and is a general hazard found in Neo Babylon that the player typically must pass through. The Sun Challenge also contains this type of forcefield, guarding the Arrow Of Light.

As only the bottom block of the Forcefield generates it, destroying the top block will cause the forcefield to extend all the way up to the next possible block it can touch.

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