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Fire Frogs are very similar to regular blue Frogs, but with one important difference - after being killed, their corpses will explode after a short delay.


While alive, they should just be dealt with exactly how one would a regular Blue Frog, avoiding their jumping attack or risking being faltered.

When a Fire Frog is stepped on, it will start to make a noise which gradually crescendos in pitch, culminating into a large explosion. Primed Fire Frogs may be picked up and thrown like a Bomb prior to detonation.

If a Fire Frog falls into a pool of water (even in a primed state after being killed), it will be extinguished and turn into a regular blue Frog. In doing so, a primed Fire Frog that is about to explode may be revived as a living blue Frog, and must be killed again.

Primed Fire Frogs cannot be sacrificed to Kali at an Altar, and attempting this will merely destroy the altar and invite Kali's anger.

Much like normal Frogs, Fire Frogs are able to consume Grub and can be consumed by Giant Flies. Giant Flies will not explode if they consume a Fire Frog.

Fire Frogs are immune to fire attacks.


Once a player has damaged a fire frog and primed it, they should be cautious of the potential aftermath and act if necessary.

  • Throwing a primed Fire Frog at either a pool of Water or a Giant Fly will prevent it from exploding, as it will either be extinguished or eaten by the Giant Fly.
  • The player should watch for Regenerating Blocks destroyed afterward, as they may throw off the player's sense of when the blocks will regenerate or distract them from other ones.
  • Fire Frogs may break the Curse Pot after being hit by a random Trap and exploding, and should be accounted for if required.

On the other hand, Fire Frogs may be used to open new passageways or quickly deal with more powerful enemies, if used properly.


  • A primed Fire Frog can be resurrected by a Necromancer back into a regular, moving, Fire Frog.
    • This is only possible by initiating the Sun Challenge and having a spawned Necromancer resurrect a Fire Frog that was recently damaged by an entity outside of the challenge, like another player, a Hired Hand, or a Trap.


There is a grammar issue in the Journal entry for the Fire Frog.

"Some of Sunken City frogs have developed an explosive personality."

The correct way to write this sentence would be omitting the "of":

"Some Sunken City frogs have developed an explosive personality."

Or, adding a possessive to "Sunken City":

"Some of Sunken City's frogs have developed an explosive personality."

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