Fire Bugs are common enemies in Spelunky 2 found in Volcana.


Fire Bugs always spawn clinging to chains, crawling up and down them as they reach the edges. Occasionally, they offset jets of fire on both ends.

If the chain they were on was destroyed, they will jump off it and passively fly around. They do not dispense their jets of fire in this state and can only deal contact damage.

Two Fire Bugs on a chain together.


Fire Bugs can be an incredibly dangerous enemy when in a good position of if the player is wearing a flammable pack item, such as a Jetpack.

  • Despite the long wind-up time for their fire attack, poor timing could lead the player to their doom if they begin crossing a pool of lava or are running away from something else when they begin their attack, likely leading to their untimely demise.
    • For this reason, well-positioned Fire Bugs should be dealt with a ranged option, such as a thrown item or a shotgun.
  • When predicted properly or above them, they are much less threatening and can be quickly dealt with.

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