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The Excalibur is a Melee Weapon that can be pulled from a stone located in the layer just above the water line in the Tide Pool 4-2 if the player is wearing either the Hedjet found in The Black Market, or the Crown found in Vlad's castle.


The Excalibur functions as an upgrade to the Machete, which is an upgrade to the Whip. The Excalibur can cut away Bush Blocks and webs, damage enemies who are stunned or immune to whip damage, and deals a whopping 10 damage per swing, instantly gibbing most creatures into unusable chunks.

Excalibur is also one of the two things which can harm Kingu's shell, only matched by a massive 100 explosion damage. Because of this, it is a valuable asset in obtaining the Tablet of Destiny.

Olmites wearing gold masks are not immune to Excalibur's blade, with it slicing through their armor effortlessly.

If the Excalibur is shot with the Clone Gun, it will instead produce a Broken Sword.


  • The nature of Excalibur makes it easily the best weapon against Kingu, as all that a player will have to do is repeatedly press the attack button on her shell to defeat her.
  • Once a player makes it to Ice Caves, they can deposit Excalibur at Waddler's abode and later retrieve it in the Sunken City as a valuable asset to help complete the Sun Challenge with, as not only will it kill enemies in one hit, but destroy their body as well, stopping Necromancers from resurrecting killed enemies.
  • As there are other valuable items that may be obtained in or can be carried through Tide Pool besides Excalibur such as the Clone Gun or Eggplant, one may want to use Hired Hands to carry it and other items through the area.


  • The Excalibur, as well as the method of obtaining it, is a reference to the sword of the same name from Arthurian legend. Another sword, often conflated with the Excalibur, was pulled from a stone by King Arthur as proof of his royal lineage.
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