The Excalibur is a Melee Weapon that can be pulled from a stone located in the layer just above the water line in the Tide Pool 4-2 if the player is wearing a crown of some kind[Needs Research}. This includes both the Hedjet found in the black market, and the Crown found in Vlad's castle


The Excalibur, similar to the Machete, is a replacement for the whip that not only deals more damage, but unlike the whip can hit stunned enemies as well. However due to the Excalibur's high damage however, this is usually not seen unless the enemy is stunned some other way. Furthermore, it is also able to damage Kingu's shell, which is integral to obtaining the Tablet of Destiny. If the Excalibur is hit by the Clone Gun, it will instead produce a Broken Sword.


The Excalibur, as well as the method of obtaining it, is a reference to the sword of the same name from Arthurian legend. Another sword, often conflated with the Excalibur, was pulled from a stone by King Arthur, as proof of his royal lineage.

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