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The Elixir is a consumable item obtained from the Stars Challenge in Temple of Anubis. It is a sparkly purple concoction inside of a large flask, contained inside by an Ankh-shaped stopper, the Egyptian symbol for life.

It is the Temple of Anubis reward for completing the Stars Challenge, as completing the Stars Challenge in Tide Pool rewards the Clone Gun instead.


The Elixir is known for removing poison and more importantly curse from the one who consumes it. Because Royal Jelly is mixed into it to reduce bitterness, the Elixir also heals the player for a large amount of HP.

The amount of HP restored from drinking the Elixir is dependent on the consumer's status:

Health Restored
Debuffs HP
None 8
Poisoned 6
Cursed 4
Poisoned + Cursed 2

The appearance of a player and their HUD after consuming the Elixir.

! The below effects were added in version 1.24. Version 1.24 has yet to be released for PS4 in Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Oceania due to complications. !

After consumption, the Elixir also grants a special status, indicated by a sparkly purple substance covering the player's heart in their HUD, as well as the Spelunker being tinted purple.

This status causes the player to gain twice as much HP from healing sources, allowing them to get substantially more healing out of the Kapala, Pets, Royal Jelly, and all other sources of healing.

The Elixir's status has a number of different rules when it comes to retaining or losing it:

  • Being hit with a Curse/Poison-inflicting attack will remove the effect as well as its double healing abilities, but will save the player from receiving the debuff in the process.
    • If the Elixir's effect saves the player from being Cursed, they will avoid receiving the affliction but will still be set to 1 HP.
  • The effect remains even if the player with the effect dies and resurrects with the Ankh or sacrifices themselves upon the Altar in The City of Gold and enters the Duat.
    • Dying in Co-op and respawning via a Coffin will however have them respawn without the effect.


Elixir Status S2.png

The Elixir, acting as the Temple of Anubis alternative to Tide Pool's Clone Gun, has a focus on persistence by providing a cure for and resistance to Debuffs as well as doubling healing.

  • Drinking the Elixir itself provides instant relief from any normally acquired Debuffs, likely from one of the many Cobras or Cat Mummies in the surrounding area, and gives the consumer enough health to safely perform the fall onto the Altar in The City of Gold in order to enter the Duat.
  • The Elixir's long lasting effects can prove invaluable in the Cosmic Ocean, where health is harder to obtain and Debuffs are only curable by death and subsequent resurrection with the Ankh.