The Elixir is an item that is obtained when completing the Stars Challenge in the Temple of Anubis. The Stars Challenge in the Tide Pool rewards the Clone Gun instead.


The Elixir is known for removing poison and more importantly curse from the player who consumes it. Because Royal Jelly is mixed into it to reduce bitterness, it also heals the player for a large amount of HP.

The amount of HP restored depends on the player's status:

Health Restored
Debuffs HP
None 8
Poisoned 6
Cursed 4
Poisoned + Cursed 2


Although the properties of the Elixir are incredibly useful for the player, it is considered to be a much worse reward than the Clone Gun awarded instead in Tide Pool, for a number of reasons:

  1. The player must go through Temple of Anubis, largely regarded as one of, if not the most difficult area in the game, in order acquire the Elixir.
  2. Most players will go to the Duat soon after obtaining it, making the bonus HP awarded mean nothing, as it will reset upon reaching said Egyptian underworld.
  3. The Elixir cannot be brought with the player to be consumed later.
  4. The Clone Gun is like no other item, and is responsible for a handful of extremely valuable strategies for the Cosmic Ocean, such as cloning the Corpse Bag from the Sun Challenge to obtain 99 bombs and rope, while the benefits that the Elixir contain can easily be obtained at any Altar with enough favor.

Because of this, the Elixir is largely considered to be more of a "keep me going" type of item, incase the player was cursed by something such as a Cat Mummy, and/or needs the health to perform the fall onto the altar in The City of Gold to reach the Duat.

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