The Eggplup is a passive beast that can only be found in the Eggplant World.


Eggplups wander back and forth around the Eggplant World, turning once meeting an edge. They do not attack the player and do not even damage them.

Much like Eggplant Ministers, Eggplups are immune to damage from the whip and being stomped on. Every other form of attack, such as thrown items, held weapons, or the whip buffed by the Powerpack will harm them.

Jumping on an Eggplup will cause it to vibrate immensely and give the player a massive vertical boost.


  • Despite what the Journal entry may imply, there is nothing in Spelunky HD that may even hint at the origin of the Eggplup as a hellhound.
  • Eggplup is an obvious portmanteau of Eggplant and Pup.
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