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Eggplant World is an area in Spelunky 2.


The door to Eggplant World opening.

Eggplant World is entered through a door in 7-1 of the Sunken City, by placing the (living) Eggplant Child upon the arms of the Mother Statue found beside it.

The Eggplant Child themselves are found within the Moai in Ice Caves, which is opened by placing an Eggplant on the purple stained altar beside it. An Eggplant is obtained by offering a Present to a Kali Altar.


  • As Presents cannot be taken through doorways, one must be obtained on the same level as a Kali Altar.
    • An Eggplant can be more consistently obtained by visiting Tide Pool 4-2 and defeating Great Humphead, who always drops a Present on death.
  • Carrying an Eggplant through levels potentially causes the spelunker to miss out on quest items, such as Hou Yi's Bow or Excalibur. As such, Hired Hands must be utilized, especially if the player plans to follow the chain to reach the Sunken City or progress into the Cosmic Ocean after visiting Eggplant World.


Eggplant World Geography S2.jpg

The Eggplant World greets the player with a level feeling-style text reading "You feel strangely at peace." The lowest level of the area is covered in a thick grey fog, similar to what appears when the Ghost spawns.

The level's geography consists of purple colored Water and pagoda-type structures with Sliding Walls occasionally attached, similar to what appears in Tide Pool. The only creatures that spawn naturally in the Eggplant World are Eggplups and Eggplant Ministers, both of which are harmless.

The Ghost never (naturally) appears in the Eggplant World, even if three minutes have passed. A Curse Pot does not spawn on the level.

Ghist Shopkeeper

Hidden behind a specific tile of a specific room of the level, there is an entrance to a Ghist Shopkeeper's Shop. It functions identically to the one found in 1-4 of the Dwelling, although the Clone Gun can be obtained from one of the three Presents they sell instead of the Kapala.


The grave of the Empress can be found before the top of the level. Interacting with it will display the text "Here lies the Empress. May she finally find peace." A Diamond will always spawn in the tile just below the grave, and taking a picture of the grave with the Camera (2) will cause the Ghost (2) to briefly appear.


At the top of the level, the spelunker will find the Eggplant King on his throne, as well as the level's exit and a system of purple water fountains. The spelunker may kill the Eggplant King to obtain the loot he drops. Doing so heavily slows down the music for the remainder of the time spent in the level.


  • Somehow managing to die in Eggplant World will give the player a special death message; "As I sank into the eggplants, a feeling of calm washed over me..."
  • The canonical story of spelunker Tina Flan defeating King Yama by throwing an Eggplant at him in Spelunky HD is a direct reference to the first ever solo Eggplant run performed in Spelunky HD by Bananasaurus Rex, who was playing as Tina Flan for the run. The run can be seen here.


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